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Elysian Philosophy

Our center is rooted in the following core principles…

empathy & nonjudgement

We understand that addiction is a complex and often overwhelming condition, and we approach each client with empathy, compassion, and a non-judgmental attitude. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to heal and recover, and we will do everything in Elysian’s power to support them on their journey.

evidence based practices

We use proven, evidence-based methods to help clients overcome their substance abuse issues. This may include individual therapy, or group therapy. Elysian’s treatment plans are customized to meet each client’s unique needs and goals.

collaboration & team work

We believe that the most effective substance abuse treatment involves a team approach. Elysian’s team of trained professionals work together to provide comprehensive care and support to each client. We also work closely with community organizations and referral sources to ensure that clients receive the care they need to succeed.

recognition of whole person

Substance abuse affects not just the individual struggling with it, but also their families, relationships, and overall well-being. We strive to recognize and address the unique needs and challenges of each client, and to help them develop a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life beyond substance abuse.

a commitment to recovery

Elysian’s ultimate goal is to help each client achieve lasting recovery from substance abuse. We believe that with the right support, education, and resources, anyone can overcome addiction and lead a fulfilling, substance-free life. We will be there for Elysian’s clients every step of the way, providing encouragement, support, and guidance as needed.

Our center provides the following services:

Individual counseling

At Elysian Counseling Center we treat each individual using a person-centered approach. We cater to both men and women alike, by helping them explore their needs and develop individual goals. Our purpose is to help each person stay sober and provide the long term care they need. Our patients will learn to challenge their negative thought patterns and heal from past traumas. Individual therapy is provided on an outpatient basis, typically once per week with a trained mental health professional. Family therapy is also available for those who want it. Here, healing can begin as family relationships improve and provide an overall sense of wholeness. We are here to help shoulder your burdens and provide you with the educated support and care that you

Intensive outpatient program

Intensive Outpatient Program or “IOP” is the phase of recovery therapy that immediately follows successful drug or alcohol detox. While in IOP, clients start rebuilding ties with family and community while learning new life skills and coping strategies. This is a crucial step in the foundation of long-term recovery from addiction. There are many different types of IOP sessions during this phase of  treatment. Each session is led by a mental health professional and is specifically designed for each client. Individual therapy and group therapy sessions are pivotal parts of IOP. Group therapy sessions are several times a week and focus on various issues such as self-esteem, managing urges, and cravings, or relapse prevention

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Addiction is rarely the only issue facing our clients and is often just a symptom related to underlying mental conditions such as depression, anxiety and/or bipolar disorder. A person with co-occurring disorders has two separate illnesses, and each illness needs its own individualized treatment plan. We treat both the addictive disorder and underlying mental health disorder to guide the client fully through the recovery process. Someone who struggles with both substance abuse (drug and/or alcohol dependence) and a mental disturbance such as (depression, anxiety disorder, etc.) qualifies for dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis is not rare, in fact it is common for an individual to struggle with both addiction and a mental illness. Dual diagnosis treatment is a specialized option not all facilities offer.


Although addiction itself needs to be addressed and treated, habits need to be established in order to set up a standard of living that can be maintained beyond the residential treatment. In order to make sure that you are able to do so, thorough aftercare planning is required. No rehabilitation treatment is complete without setting up an appropriate plan of action for the future that prepares the patient for the challenges of life after addiction. Part of establishing aftercare planning is setting up future support for the patient, including counseling sessions and checkups. Readapting to life without previously used coping mechanisms is not easy. This is why it is important for the patient to be able to count on a support structure after they have left the residential facility. These resources will be instrumental in helping you establish a lifestyle free of substance use.

In addition to traditional therapy and treatment, we also offer a range of support services to help individuals achieve lasting recovery. This may include job training and placement, legal services, and help with housing and transportation. Elysian’s goal is to help build the skills and resources needed to succeed in sobriety and maintain recovery over the long term.

Special services


Free legal consultations will be provided for patients who are experiencing legal issues and complications due to their substance abuse issues. Initially the consultations will be provided by James Popa, Esq. and Popa Law on a volunteer basis and will extend to the areas of criminal and family law issues. The Law Firm has no affiliation besides volunteer services and shall carry its own liability and malpractice insurances. Other attorneys have expressed an interest in volunteering time for free consultations and workshops to assist clients in advocating for themselves and raising awareness of their rights and responsibilities on their road to recovery.

Community Services

Mentorship and sober support services will be offered by qualified and prescreened individuals to help clients build a consistent, reliable and responsive sober network for support in the community through AA meetings, therapy, work- guidance, and housing.

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